Step into a world of seamless connectivity and boundless communication possibilities with GOTHAM.

 Welcome to a realm where every connection is a doorway to innovation, every call sparks imagination, and every interaction weaves the fabric of tomorrow’s digital landscape. Unveil the extraordinary as we redefine the future of telecommunications, empowering you to explore, connect, and conquer like never before. Join us on this journey to transform the way you experience communication. Welcome to a new era of telecom excellence!


Gotham IT’s mission it to make it easy to do business again. Our vendor neutral approach allows for organizations of any size or vertical market to simply get IT done.

About Us

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Looking to streamline all of your communications from voice to video conferencing into a seamless platform that not only fits your needs, but your budget? Gotham can help you select the right vendor and help you from start to finish.


Need to connect all of these services? Gotham’s got you covered…literally. Working with all major carriers Gotham can provide you with the right connectivity to fit your needs. And if we can’t, we can explain why.


Have a large scale contact center or looking to deploy one? Don’t know where to start? Gotham can help with that. With experience deploying several hundred seats to deploying thousands of geographically diverse agents. We’re here to help from planning to management.

Our Services

Cost Reduction

Our Telecommunication Expense Management program offers a retrospective audit and analysis of a company’s telecommunications services and charges. We audit each line item for accuracy and benchmark against industry and ‘best practice’ for optimization. Gotham provides clients with assurance that your company is not overpaying for services and that all telecom services are being optimized.

Technology Project Management

Gotham Telecom can help to create an engaging, world-class contact center to deliver great customer experiences and drive positive business results. Determining which type of contact center is a best fit for your firm and then implementing a cloud-based or premise-based contact center is our role.

Turnkey Remote Office (hosted cloud design)

Gotham’s Turnkey Remote Office delivers a fully managed service, meaning that we maintain your data and systems insuring safety, security and full protection and real time backup in the event of a disaster, as well as virus, spam adware, and worm protection and back up. Data is securely stored daily.

Other Services

Gotham Telecom provides diverse services and first class customer service. Our team of experts are known for both industry expertise and individualized needs assessment. We take the time to understand your business so that we can recommend the best solutions. From project beginning to end, we oversee all facets of the project life cycle.

Trusted Suppliers


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Large Financial Institution – Gotham conducted a full-scale retrospective audit, physical inventory and deployment of a software-based Telecom Expense management solution tailored to the needs of the accounts payable department and the finance offices. Savings from implementing the software solution exceeded 20% the first year. Retrospective audits and contract reviews allowed an initiation of a new project to bring fiber optics to the desktop as well as a new Cloud Based Contact Center. 

“Just think, 18 months ago we had little to no knowledge of the SDWAN or Managed Voice Service provider industries. Your team did a great job educating us, leading an RFI, facilitating a proof of concept and helping us to choose the best provider for our company. Moreover, the savings we are currently realizing based on your team’s review of historical invoices will soon become even greater thanks to our upcoming MPLS to SDWAN transition. Thank you!!!” – Ralph Warchol – Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Regional Management Corp.


“Large Medical Organization – Gotham Telecom was engaged by this firm to Project Manage a large Networks transition. Gotham project managed contact Center Vendor selection and RFI/ RFP development for 450 agents. The Retrospective Recovery audit and ongoing cost saving efforts were the drivers for the Cloud migration project. 

“Through your negotiating efforts, we not only lowered our LD rates but reduced by more than 20% and we have received more than Three Million Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars in ($3,750,000) in refunds and credits.” – C.I.O, Visiting Nurse Service of New York 


Financial Services/Private Equity – Project Management for RIA with multiple International sites, disasters recovery sites, and domestic sites under development. Consulting services included: Carrier and Network Project Management Equipment Selection for new sites, contract negotiation, user training, implementation oversight, vendor selection, Ongoing user support and M/A/C support. Energy consulting included new construction and procurement recommendations for ESCO and Retrofit. 

“Gotham has been an extremely valuable resource to us as we have gone through several different telecom and office related projects together over the past four years. Gotham has great expertise in all areas of telecommunications and contract negotiations, and you have a great ability to easily educate your customers on the nuances of those areas. Gotham answers all questions, is willing to take on all tasks, is super flexible and very easy to work with. As someone who deals with a multitude of vendors you are definitely one of the best.” 

-Steve McArdle, Vice President Operations, L Catterton


“The overall analysis will allow us to reduce our overall costs in excess of $250,000 per year. Wireless savings alone were in excess of $100,000.”


“Your advisory services have helped us to procure the highest level of expertise in each area where you were engaged as well as to optimize our expenses. We estimate that our annual savings exceed $175,000.”


“We obtained savings of over $300,000 annually – a total of over one million dollars for the life of the contract.”



“The overall analysis will allow us to reduce our overall costs in excess of $250,000 per year. Wireless savings alone were in excess of $100,000.”


“We obtained savings of over $300,000 annually – a total of over one million dollars for the life of the contract.”

Contact us

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