Wireless/Cellular Audit
& Cost Containment
  • Evaluation of current wireless/mobility plans
  • Recommend changes for monthly/yearly cost reduction
  • Ongoing management, support and procurement on wireless/mobility accounts
Telecom Expense Management/Mobile Device Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice and payment tracking
  • One-time audit of current expenses
Vendor Management
  • Coordinating of vendors on behalf of the client
  • Provide escalation to C level management
  • Coordination of support & installation
Negotiations with Carriers
  • Vetting potential carriers for cost effective and best solution
  • Leveraging our relationship with all major carriers on behalf of client
  • Management of installation of circuit upon completion
  • Assist with coordinating office relocation/move
  • Set up of entire offices from start to finish
  • Work hand in hand with IT rollout
Managed Services
  • Management of network devices
  • Helpdesk support for end users
  • Management of all cloud services
Technology Project Management​
  • Ongoing project management support or one-time project management support
  • Act as a liaison between all the vendors to coordinate all efforts
  • Provide detailed time management
Conferencing Solutions / AV
  • Procurement & installation of AV equipment
  • Conference room setups to support Teams, Zoom & all major vendors
  • Designing of AV & audio
  • Enterprise Telephony
  • Unified messaging
  • A customer experience solution that provides the capabilities required to route inbound customer interactions to call center agents
Circuit Procurement​
  • Provide best vendor options
  • Negotiation of best price
  • Coordination/Support of installation/implementation of services
Cost Reduction
  • Review of current vendor invoices
  • Recommendation of new service vendors
  • Options for invoice consolidation for easy bill payment
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Design
  • Provide options for backup/recovery services
  • Conduct annual maintenance/service test
  • Point of contact and management of vendor relationships
Low Voltage
  • Full project management
  • New construction or renovation
  • Structured cable design for efficiency & speed

Cost Reduction

Retrospective Cost Recovery and Cost Containment

Our Telecommunication Expense Management program offers a retrospective audit and analysis of a company’s telecommunications services and charges. We audit each line item for accuracy and benchmark against industry and ‘best practice’ for optimization.
Gotham provides clients with assurance that your company is not overpaying for services and that all telecom services are being optimized.

Wireless/Cellular Audit & Cost Containment

Wireless Optimization is a critical element of our comprehensive management solution. Continual rate plan optimization is perhaps one of the most important aspects to achieve sustainable long-term cost avoidance.

With proactive wireless expense optimization, we can identify areas of excess spending. We are able to drastically reduce overspending while providing clear, actionable steps to prevent unnecessary costs.

Telecom Expert Management/Mobile Device Management

Gotham Telecom manages daily moves, adds, changes, and troubleshooting with vendors and carriers to resolution. We will contact the necessary providers involved in order to correct the issue in a timely fashion

Management of Vendors

Gotham Telecom will liaise with vendors and manufacturers to:

  • Analyze available solutions in the marketplace.
  • Assist our clients in understanding how these technologies will work together in their environment to provide the desired functionality and achieve success

Negotiations with Carriers

Gotham Telecom will:

  • Negotiate voice, data, wireless and vendor agreements
  • Decrease clients’ monthly recurring costs and increase technological availability

Technology Project Management

Premise-Based Voice System Design, Selection and 

For clients who are looking to upgrade their current voice or call center system, Gotham will provide:

  • RFP/RFI creation
  • Oversight and management of the installation process to ensure a smooth installation and transition
    Call center design and delivery

Contact Center

Contact centers today play a critical role in improving customer experience and building long-term customer loyalty. However, a recent study of more than 2,000 consumers indicated that only one in three companies is delivering a positive customer experience. How can organizations transform their contact centers into the front line for great customer experiences?

Gotham Telecom can help to create an engaging, world-class contact center to deliver great customer experiences and drive positive business results. Determining which type of contact center is a best fit for your firm and then implementing a cloud-based or premise-based contact center is our role.

We will help you to identify measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), continually optimize your workforce, and build customer loyalty to drive better business results.

Relocation Coordination

Moves and relocations are considered a “significant event” in the life of a company. We find that over 80% of companies that are relocating purchase a new phone system prior to their move. These companies will need telecom and data services.
Our Relocations Coordination Services include:

  • Order placement for telecommunications order (voice lines, T-1 or DSL, long distance , etc.) on your behalf
  • Recommendations and assistance negotiating the purchase of a new phone system that will best fit your current and future needs
  • Coordinate with your vendors to move and install necessary hardware in your new office space
  • Provide all cabling infrastructure needs for your new office space
  • Bring your attention to money savings promotions that you may not otherwise be informed about.

Overall , we make getting your office connected as easy as possible within the time frame that you require. This allows you to concentrate on other things, like running your business.

Conferencing Audio/Video/Web

Audio Conferencing • Web Conferencing • Video Conferencing

From an always ready customized audio bridge with your company name identified to all callers, to a full desktop sharing environment, and everything in between.

Our team of experienced domestic and international conferencing specialists will work with all available vendors and technologies to customize your voice conference rooms or just add the ability for your mobile devices with secure video links. We can tailor a specific solution.

Find a conferencing solution catered to the needs of your business and which leverages your current infrastructure. Our knowledgeable staff will help you plan and conduct any call, using our easy-to-use audio conferencing solutions.


Imagine a Seamless, Fully Project Managed Relocation……

At Gotham, we are dedicated to making your move stress-free and seamless.

Our teams work across the country delivering Expertise and Experience for our clients. Whether Multi state, Multi site, office Tech Refresh or office Decommissioning.

What you Need:

No one IT or Facilities team can be EVERYWHERE.
We function as part of your internal team bringing our years of Tenant Rep experience and IT backgrounds to your move. We are your TELECOM SUPERHEROES, just ask, a few of our clients.

A true Team of professionals, we have successfully executed hundreds of office relocations/Data room Moves/ Rack and Stacks.
We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of your relocation, from properly packing IT equipment so its ready and clean for us at your new space or storage facility, to PROPERLY labeling, Tagging and packing for transportation and unpacking.

Our goal is flawless execution so that on First Day of Business in your NEW space, everything WORKS as expected and there is NO downtime for your End Users or your IT teams.
Our teams are experts in furniture disassembly and reassembly, and connecting the High and Low Voltage to the desks.
We are experts at installing your Racks, Internet connections, testing your Aps, installing your teams Monitor arms, TVs and Racking and Stacking IT equipment in the Data room. We even have teams to TEST everything so you don’t have to be onsite-saving you time and effort.

PBX Phone Systems

The lifeline to any business is the human interaction engaged when a customer/potential client reaches out to your firm. When considering an upgrade to your existing voice PBX or Phone system or replacement, the pros and cons should be strategically reviewed.

All phone systems are NOT alike and the TCO (total cost of ownership) can be significantly different. Also, a clear toll-quality call is the goal of any enterprise. Our team will work with your internal teams in facilities and IT to ensure voice quality, and the integration of voice and data for prioritization of voice/data and video, either with an on-premise PBX systems or hosted PBX solution.

Turnkey Remote Office (hosted cloud design)

Complete Office in a Box

This Holistic Smart “Office in a Box” solution offers it all:

  • Computing, networking services complete with Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange Outlook running on a virtual desktop platform delivered via the internet
  • Business telephone services with extension dialing, voicemail, conferencing, social media and video conferencing features
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Video chat
  • Updated software on all MS Office packages

Gotham’s Turnkey Remote Office delivers a fully managed service, meaning that we maintain your data and systems insuring safety, security and full protection and real time backup in the event of a disaster, as well as virus, spam adware, and worm protection and back up. Data is securely stored daily.

Remote and Mobile “Road Warriors”

This solution is ideal for a company with older equipment where the cost of upgrading is too high.

  • Enable workers to work outside the main office with access to the tools, data, technologies, and communications systems in the main office.
  • Reduce the cost of providing essential technology and communications services to your business, and better manage and maintain it while also protecting your critical business information.
  • Video chat
  • Updated software on all MS Office packages

Other Services

Gotham Telecom provides diverse services and first class customer service. Our team of experts are known for both industry expertise and individualized needs assessment. We take the time to understand your business so that we can recommend the best solutions. From project beginning to end, we oversee all facets of the project life cycle.

Voice and Data Procurement

Based on your companies’ goals and needs, Gotham Telecom will ensure diverse, synergistic, dependable and cost effective solutions for your business. Our team has the highest level of experience working with a broad range of carriers and their diverse product and pricing structures. We maintain firsthand experience with provisioning success and ongoing levels of support.

Our professional staff works directly with you to ensure that your communication set-up and services are in the best interest of your company and your budget. Our team will get to know your unique business and recommend services that are appropriate for your usage. Gotham Telecom manages all projects from start to finish and maintains the point of contact to ensure that your business receives on-going quality service and support — therefore you can focus on your business and let Gotham Telecom manage your communication needs.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Design

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR or BC/DR) are closely related practices that describe an organization’s preparation for unforeseen risks to continued operations. The trend of combining business continuity and disaster recovery into a single term has resulted from a growing recognition that both business executives and technology executives need to be collaborating closely instead of developing plans in isolation.

In general, disaster recovery refers to specific steps taken to resume operations in the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster or national emergency. In information technology, such steps may include restoring servers or mainframes with backups, re-establishing private branch exchanges (PBX) or provisioning local area networks (LANs) to meet immediate business needs.

Business continuity describes the processes and procedures an organization must put in place to ensure that mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. In this sense, the concept is interchangeable with disaster recovery plan (DRP). Business continuity, however, also addresses more comprehensive planning that focuses on long term or chronic challenges to organizational success. Potential business continuity problems may include the illness or departure of key team members, supply chain breakdowns, catastrophic failures or critical malware infections.

Backups serve as the last line of defense for recovering from the catastrophic loss of irreplaceable data. All too often, however, unforeseen problems with backups can make data recovery impossible. Given the critical nature of your backups, it is important to make sure that the backups are reliable. One way to improve backup reliability is to integrate redundancy into your backup solution wherever possible so as to eliminate any potential loss of data.

Our professional staff works directly with you to ensure that your communication set-up and services are in the best interest of your company and your budget. Our team will get to know your unique business and recommend services that are appropriate for your usage. Gotham Telecom manages all projects from start to finish and maintains the point of contact to ensure that your business receives on-going quality service and support — therefore you can focus on your business and let Gotham Telecom manage your communication needs.



“The overall analysis will allow us to reduce our overall costs in excess of $250,000 per year. Wireless savings alone were in excess of $100,000.”


“Your advisory services have helped us to procure the highest level of expertise in each area where you were engaged as well as to optimize our expenses. We estimate that our annual savings exceed $175,000.”


“We obtained savings of over $300,000 annually – a total of over one million dollars for the life of the contract.”



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